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COVID-19 Resources

updated on 04/01/2020

Gem County has created a web page for important information and updates concerning the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The page will provide updates to…

    • Governor’s orders and guidance.
    • BOCC orders and guidance.
    • Information & Changes to county services such as:
      • Clerk, Courts, Assessor, Treasurer, Prosecutor.
      • Sheriff, Jail, DMV.
      • Solid Waste Transfer Facility (JAG).
    • County cases reports.
    • Links to local, regional, state and federal agencies’ Novel Coronavirus 19 websites (COVID-19).

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Panograph of Emmett Valley Gem County

Gem County is home to the Emmett City Cherry Festival and many other local events. Gem County spans from Letha to Sweet, and Freezeout Hill to Ola and beyond.The scenic Payette River meanders through the County. Emmett is the county seat, located at the head of the “Valley of Plenty”. The area is known for its orchards, historic landmarks, the Black Canyon Reservoir, and much more!

Department Phone Directory

Active Public Hearing
Comprehensive Plan

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Click on Chapter links below to view proposed amendments…
Chapter 1 …. Private Property Rights
Chapter 3 …. Housing
Chapter 4 …. Economic Development
Chapter 5 …. Education
Chapter 11 .. Community Design

Gem County Emergency Alert Notification
System Sign-up

Residents of Gem County have long known that they may call 911 for police, fire or medical assistance. What you may not be aware of is that the Gem County Sheriff’s Office participates within a mass alert notification system for community awareness. We have the ability to send voice and text messages that alert the community to a variety of emergency and non-emergency circumstances. Such messages may be community wide or very specific geographically.? We can also post to social media accounts for Gem County with the latest information for the community to view.

The alert notification system is provided by AlertSense. Stay informed by choosing which alerts you would like to receive, ranging from local crime alerts or severe weather alerts. AlertSense has a simple process in place that enhances our opportunity to contact you via your cell phone, text, email or other means. We encourage you to visit AlertSense and get signed up today!

Signup for AlertSense here?(click to open)

Gem County Legal Notices Page

The ‘Legal Notices’ web page contains links to departmental public notifications such as: Ordinances; Real property sales (Sheriff); Special Planning/Zoning Commission Meetings (Development Services); Recorder, Elections, Clerical (County Clerk); Noxious and Nuisance Weed Control (Noxious Weed).

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ADA Compliance Coordinator

Larry Robertson
(208) 477-2214

Gem County has appointed Larry Robertson as our American Disabilities Act Compliance Coordinator. Please contact Larry if you have any questions or concerns regarding Gem County’s compliance with the American Disabilities Act requirements.

Resolution to appoint an ADA Compliance Coordinator:
Gem County Resolution No. 2017-08

Gem County Courthouse Blueprints

Click here?to open PDF copy of the original construction blueprints

(this is a large document and may take a few minutes to download)

Gem County, Idaho Ordinance No. 2018-01


Click here?to open PDF copy of Draft Document

?What is AHMP?

AHMP stands for “All Hazard Mitigation Plan“. We have created a web page that provides information and updates for 亚游会网页版 All Hazard Mitigation Plan development.

Click here?to go to our AHMP web page

Gem County’s Draft All Hazard Mitigation Plan

Click to view Volume I
Click to view Volume II

Quick Links to County Information

Draft 1 – Ordinance Amendments – Title 11, Title 12

Elections Information

Oil and Gas Ordinance

Employment (Job Openings)

Roadway Maintenance Policies

Winter Maintenance Policy

Snow Plow Priority Routes

Total Snow Removal Priority Routes

Bench Snow Plow Priority Route

East Snow Plow Priority Route

Grader Upper County Snow Priority

Southeast Snow Plow Priority Route

Southwest Snow Plow Priority Route